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Packing Size & Units per Box
m³ per Box
480 g x 24
0.018140 m³
300 g x 36
0.017538 m³
180 g x 48
0.015082 m³
3.2 kg x 6
0.029328 m³
1.5 kg x 6
0.018690 m³
1.5 kg x 12
0.036713 m³
454 g x 12
0.008686 m³
454 g x 24
0.017009 m³
285 g x 36
0.017538 m³
160 g x 48
0.015082 m³
Our Products: Coconut Jam (Kaya)
What is Coconut Jam (Kaya)?

Coconut Jam, as also known as 'KAYA', is made from coconut milk and chicken eggs which are flavored by sweetened with sugar. The spread originated in Southeast Asia, most likely Malaysia or Indonesia. This is reflected by its tropical ingredients santan (coconut milk).

Kaya is sweet and creamy, available as a golden brown colored spread depending on the extent of caramelization of the sugar. As with other jams, kaya is typically spread on toast to make kaya toast and eaten in the morning but is enjoyed throughout the day. It is also used with glutinous rice to make kuih seri kaya.

Packaging and Sizes Available

Coconut Jam (Kaya) packed in Can Size of 180g Coconut Jam (Kaya) packed in Size of 300g Coconut Jam (Kaya) packed in Size of 480g Coconut Jam (Kaya) packed in Size of 3.2 kg Coconut Jam (Kaya) packed in Jar Size of 400g Specifications

Product Name
Coconut Jam (also known as KAYA)
Product Composition
Coconut milk, liquid eggs, caramel.
Other Ingredients
Xanthan gum, modified starch, salt, sugar, water, permitted flavor & coloring agent (E102, E110).
Finished Product Characteristics
  • Yellow-brown Color
  • Coconut Aroma & Taste
  • Free from Rancid, Sour or Burnt Smell
  • Commercially Sterile
  • Microorganisms Absent
Ambient temperature.
Process Treatment
Cooked, filled, seamed, retorted & cooled.
Packed in cans & jar at 5 packing sizes:

  1. 3.00 inches (D) x 2.01 inches (H) - 180gm
  2. 3.00 inches (D) x 3.05 inches (H) - 300gm
  3. 4.01 inches (D) x 2.12 inches (H) - 480gm
  4. 6.03 inches (D) x 7.00 inches (H) - 3.2kg
  5. Jar - 400gm
Intended Use
Suitable for general public. Ready to serve without cooking.
Shelf Life
From the date of production and stored in ambient temperature:
  • 2.5 years (180gm, 300gm, 480gm)
  • 2 years (400gm)
  • 1 year (3.2kg)
Labeling Instruction
Once opened keep refrigerated.
Process Flow Chart of Coconut Jam (Kaya) Production

Process Flow Chart of Coconut Jam Production